New To Yoga?

Whether you are new to our studio or new to yoga entirely — WELCOME!! This page will help you prepare for your first day at our studio.

“Which class is right for me?”
This is our most asked question, and to answer this you need to ask yourself what brings you to our studio. Do you want to try something new? Are you looking for a different way to exercise? Are you just curious? Are you looking to practice mindfulness and relaxation?

At Chandra, we aim to make our classes accessible for all levels by offering options to help build strength and flexibility for those experiencing yoga for the first time, as well as options to challenge the advanced practitioner. Yoga can be accessed by everybody and there are no prerequisites required before joining a class. Let your teacher know a few minutes before class that you are new! And feel free to approach us after class with any questions. You can also send us an email if you’d like to address your concern/questions in private.

We’ve rated our classes based on physical intensity to give you an idea of what to expect in each class. 1 represents the least amount of physical intensity, and 5 represents a sweaty class. Visit our “Class Descriptions” page for more detailed information about each offering (and what props to bring).

Physical Intensity Level: 1
Meditation focused with little to no physical work. A slow-paced, relaxing practice. Poses are floor-based.
Physical Intensity Level: 2
Gentle stretches and movement to get the blood flowing. Most poses are floor-based and there may be some gentle standing poses depending on the teacher. You probably won’t break a sweat in this class.
Physical Intensity Level: 3
The majority of the class consists of long-held stretches (1-5 minutes depending on the pose). Most of the class is floor-based.
Physical Intensity Level: 4
Most of the class is done standing, accompanied by a gentle warm-up and/or cool down. This class will get the blood flowing and you will probably break a sweat.
Physical Intensity Level: 5
Intense physical practice with a combination of both floor and standing poses.

Class Ratings:
Aroma Yin – 2-3
Ashtanga (Guided) – 5
Ashtanga – Mysore – 4-5
BEND – 3
Candlelight Restorative – 1
Mom + Babe – 2-3
Pilates – 3-4
Slow Flow – 2
Vinyasa + BEND – 4
Vinyasa – 4-5

“What should I wear?”
Wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in, and if that means you’re comfortable in denim, by all means! We suggest shorts, jogging pants, tights, t-shirts, tank tops, and a light sweater. For our Candlelight Restorative and Reiki classes, we recommend wearing layers, especially in the colder months.

“Do I need to bring anything?”
Students should a yoga mat, water bottle, and props (as per the class description). At the moment, in-studio props and mats will not be provided due to COVID-19. Our water and tea station will also be off-limits, so please remember to bring your own. We will be asking all students to only bring their mat, water bottle, props, and valuables (keys, wallet — keep it minimal) and to leave what is not needed at home or in their cars. Click here to read our in-studio protocol with regards to COVID-19.